Cloud Monitoring

Availability and Performance Monitoring

Accurate, reliable and timely information about your workload’s performance and availability is fundamental to the quality of service delivered by Carbon60’s cloud hosting solutions.   For this reason we put great emphasis on the instrumentation of your workloads through a number of monitoring tools and methods.

Of course, being responsive to the data and alerts generated by these monitoring systems is also paramount.  As a result, your Technical Account Manager will proactively analyze and make recommendations based on your system and application metrics while our Service Desk responds to any alerts 24x7x365.

Baseline System Monitoring

All cloud servers are installed with baseline availability and performance checks.  This includes basic port availability, CPU, RAM, and Disk utilization checks and threshold alerts.  All baseline system utilization data is kept for a minimum of 14 days and is available online via the customer support portal.

OS and Application Monitoring

On top of our baseline monitoring we deploy a comprehensive package of performance and availability checks for each type of OS and application we are monitoring.  There are hundreds of different packages available but key ones include:

  • Windows Server, Oracle and Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • IIS, Apache, Nginx Web Servers
  • Oracle, SQLServer and MySQL Databases
  • .NET and JEE Application Frameworks

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

Synthetic transactions are scripts that mimic how your end-users typically interact with your site.  We will help create this script and run it from an global network of checkpoints every five minutes to verify the transaction can be completed without errors or delays.  Your end-users can complete a series of actions on your site without any errors.  The results of the synthetic transaction can be monitored on a dashboard in real-time and alerts of failed transactions are sent to the Service Desk.

Global Monitoring

Carbon60 uses a third-party monitoring system to provide an end-users perspective on website availability and performance in real-time from around the world.  This data is available to customers directly via a web-based dashboard and is used to validate Service Level Agreements with Carbon60.

Key Features

Global Checkpoints

  • Select from 100+ checkpoints from around the world to randomly visit URL every 5 minutes
  • All issues validated by an alternative checkpoint before and alert is sent
  • Instant alert notification to Carbon60’s Service Desk
  • Optional alerts to customer via SMS, RSS, and/or email

Availability and Performance Monitoring Capabilities

  • Monitor HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, SMTP, FTP, ping, connect, DNS, SQL protocols
  • Test for the existence or absence of a word or phrase in site response
  • Use automated HTTP and HTTPS form submission or Synthetic Transactions to test search queries, shopping carts, login attempts, etc.
  • Screenshot provided of any errors that are detected
  • Get site response and load times from global checkpoints

Control Panel

  • Easily-configure escalation policies and maintenance periods
  • Add and edit probes, add operators, alert definitions
  • Add and edit SLA objectives, create probe groups and operator groups
  • View detailed online reports about errors, uptime and load times
  • Export data with XML. Reports are available in Excel, PDF and in email