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End-to-End Hosting Solutions Powered by Carbon60 embraces the entire hosting solutions stack to achieve extraordinary value and 100% accountability. It is a safe haven for private and public sector organizations that need a trusted partner to manage business critical workloads from the datacenter to the end user’s doorstep. Our company motto is to turn every client into a champion with our expertise and comprehensive approach to managed hosting services. Discover why some of the largest brands in Canada praise us as the best hosting provider in Canada to deliver big hosting solutions at an affordable price.  Learn More...

Multi-Origin Cloud Hosting in Canada

Carbon60 has a “multi-origin” cloud hosting infrastructure which allows websites and applications to be hosted across geographically diverse regions in Canada. Leveraging SAN and application-based data replication technology in combination with advanced edge routing services allows Carbon60 to support advanced active/active and active/passive hosting solutions.  Read the Blog Article

Expert Compliance and Security Services

Carbon60 is committed to the highest standards of physical and logical information security. Carbon60 is audited frequently against industry security standards and offers a complete suite of security services to Customers serious about maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of their business-critical information.  See More...

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