Cloud Assessment

Organizations are faced with several choices when it comes to cloud infrastructure deployments. Getting started on a public cloud like AWS can be as simple as creating an account, entering a credit card and following a few steps to turn up an environment. But, multiply that with by 50, 100 or 1,000 times over and imagine the headaches and cost implications that you’ll ultimately have to answer to. This is shadow IT at its finest.

From another view, for some organizations just getting started with cloud can be daunting and the result could be a loss of agility to keep pace with the demands of your business. The good news is there is a happy medium between these extremes and Carbon60’s Cloud Consulting services can help. Regardless of where you are in your cloud journey or the type of cloud deployments you currently have, a Cloud Assessment from Carbon60 can chart a new course for your IT environment taking into consideration your technology, people and business strategy with a comprehensive and tailored plan that works for your company.

Cloud Experts at Your Service

Carbon60’s experience over the past 20 years means that we’ve seen it all. Our certified cloud and engineering team draws from this experience to provide guidance and an opinionated view on the cloud model that will work for your organization for today and the future. We take an agnostic approach on which cloud platform will be the eventual target, but we do base our recommendations on best practices for design whether it’s on the Carbon60 cloud platform or the well-architected framework for AWS. Our holistic approach for the Cloud Assessment results in a comprehensive road map to get you started, but also a sustainable approach towards cloud management and security.

Key Benefits

Business and IT Strategy: Our cloud consulting team meets with your primary stakeholders to understand your overall business objectives and current and desired IT strategy and resources to align to the business. We work with you to understand the current state of your technology which can include the total costs, age, locations, data sovereignty and compliance requirements and other broader dependencies and influences for IT strategy and deployment. What we’re looking for especially in this stage is any uniqueness in your company that needs to be considered in the deeper technical discovery for the rest of the cloud readiness assessment.

Workload Discovery and Analysis: We use existing information from you team and tools to create an inventory of applications, infrastructure and network assets as well as application dependencies that currently exist. We look for opportunities to right-size servers based on utilization which ultimately optimizes costs. With a clear picture of the full inventory, we work with you to uncover any hesitation to moving certain applications and can also use the opportunity for a POC project to test theories to be sure. In order to come up with a realistic plan we go beyond the numbers to ensure that the inventory is correct so that we don’t move applications that you expect to retire.

Target State Platform: With the thorough discovery completed, Carbon60 builds a target infrastructure design using the optimal cloud platforms. We can also provide a few options to consider for comparison to align to your budget and pace of migration. Our target infrastructure map will take into consideration the workloads and network, but also the security and compliance requirements that relate to your business.

Financial Impact: A Cloud Readiness Assessment without factoring in costs doesn’t paint a complete pictures. We include a cost estimate of the future overall cloud spend that also accounts for the on-going run phase of the new environment.

Migration & Cloud Management: Carbon60 also provides Cloud Migration and Managed Cloud services that we can include as part of your overall deployment when you’re ready to take action on the findings and recommendations from our assessment.