Cloud Assessment

Chart a new course for your IT Environment with a Cloud Assessment

Regardless of where you are in your cloud journey or the type of cloud deployments you already have, a cloud assessment can chart a new course for your IT environment. We take into consideration your technology, people and business strategy and tailor a private, public or hybrid cloud environment specifically for your organization.

Cloud Experts at Your Service

You have a lot of choices when it comes to cloud infrastructure. Maybe the idea of getting started with cloud is daunting and you don’t know where to begin. Or maybe it seems easy enough to get started with a public cloud like AWS, Azure or Google: create an account, enter a credit card number and follow a few steps to turn up an environment. But multiply that by 50, 100 or 1,000 times over — and imagine the headaches and costs you’ll ultimately have to answer to.

We’ve been doing this for 20 years — and we’ve seen it all. Our certified cloud engineers draw from this experience to provide guidance on the cloud model that will work best for your organization. We’re cloud-agnostic, which means we don’t play favourites, but we always base our recommendations on best practices for design, security and compliance.

We start with our consulting services to help you come up with a vision and create a roadmap for cloud adoption. Based on your specific business requirements and workloads, we’ll collaborate with you to architect the best possible single, multi or hybrid cloud solution to balance agility, flexibility and cost — all with white-glove support.

How it Works

By taking a holistic approach in our cloud assessment, we can give you a comprehensive roadmap for your cloud journey, but also one that’s sustainable with an eye toward cloud management and security.

Business and IT Strategy: Our cloud consulting team meets with your primary stakeholders to understand your overall business objectives, IT strategy and resources. We work with you to understand the current state of your technology — which can include total costs, age, location, data sovereignty and compliance requirements — and where you want to go. With our experience in multiple cloud platforms, we have extensive knowledge of available funding programs that can help de-risk your cloud adoption and maximize your investment.

Workload Discovery and Analysis: We create an inventory of applications, infrastructure and network assets, as well as application dependencies. We then look for opportunities to right-size servers based on utilization to optimize costs. With a clear picture of your inventory, we can help migrate certain workloads to the cloud, as well as modernize legacy apps or retire those you’re no longer using.

Target State Platform: We build an infrastructure design using the optimal cloud platform(s) for your organization. We can provide a few options for comparison that align with your budget and pace of migration. Our target state platform will take into consideration your workloads and network, but also the security and compliance requirements that relate to your business.

Ongoing Financial Impact: A cloud readiness assessment that doesn’t factor in ongoing costs doesn’t paint a complete picture. We include a cost estimate of the future overall cloud spend that accounts for the ongoing run phase of your new environment.

Migration and Cloud Management: We offer cloud migration and managed cloud services that can be included as part of your overall deployment — whenever you’re ready to take action on the findings and recommendations from our assessment.

Key Benefits

Clear Path Forward: Starting with a thorough architecture review of your existing technology stack, our experienced senior architects identify gaps for architectural best practices as well as in-depth implementations required for standard compliance. You can choose to manage the cloud yourself, or we can initiate a Cloud Launchpad project to modernize further and take over the day-to-day management for you.

Cloud Launchpad: This streamlined cloud adoption solution is built on years of experience across multiple industries and sectors. Our proprietary solution uses prescriptive best practices and pre-built infrastructure-as-code templates to reduce common errors companies experience when establishing their cloud foundations.

Avoid Costly Refactors: Rushing cloud adoption programs commonly leaves technical debt that causes cloud security and scalability problems. We measure twice and cut once to set a course for long-term growth.

Reduce the Learning Curve: We can help you build the internal expertise and technical experience you need to own, operate and evolve your own cloud environment.

Compliant with Hyperscale Foundations: With 75+ certifications from public cloud service providers, we have a deep bench of cloud-native expertise across hyperscale cloud platforms to support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions.

Minimum investment relative to large consulting companies: Cloud adoption projects are often expensive. We’re changing the game by providing a common baseline developed over hundreds of successful programs.

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