Cloud Migration Services

Once you are comfortable with the findings and recommendations from your cloud assessment, the next big step is your cloud migration. Technology migrations can vary depending on the size of complexity of your IT environment, available documentation, and security and compliance considerations. Our experience has shown that all cloud migrations are unique in their own ways and our team takes this into consideration in the development of the migration plan.

Born in the cloud companies with cloud-native applications are naturally easier candidates for migration. However, after many years of debate the consensus is that it’s not quite as simple for well-established companies with legacy workloads and applications to blindly declare a cloud-only strategy. The world is hybrid and we are strong believers in ensuring the right cloud for the right workload and guide you through the process. 

Cloud Migration Approach

Detailed Migration Plan: We take the inventory and workload analysis from your cloud assessment to develop a detailed migration plan with your input along the way. Our designated project managers will ensure regular communication to ensure the project progresses as agreed to help you start realizing the value of the new solution so you can decommission your legacy infrastructure faster and save money and resources.

Phased Migration with Testing & Refinement: The typical cloud migration plan is phased with several migration waves. Regardless of whether the target cloud is the Carbon60 cloud options and/or Managed AWS, success will come with incremental small wins initially that can include POCs. Cloud is known for the benefits of flexibility and low risks to fail fast so we take this opportunity with you to solidify assumptions then accelerate as we both develop a rhythm and systematically migrate your overall infrastructure based on the priorities and established schedule in the plan.

Design and Build Reference Architecture:  While migrations differ, best practices for secure and resilient infrastructure is usually accepted by seasoned IT leaders regardless of the type of cloud we’ll be migrating you to. For AWS migrations, we align to the Well-Architected Framework as a guiding principle that is proven and trusted for organizations of all sizes across various industry verticals. We work with you during the design process to ensure you’re in the loop and can provide and feedback to our certified experts.

DevOps CI/CD Pipeline Automation:  The power and value of the cloud comes from using the cloud efficiently and with as much automation as possible. For most customers, following the migration we take on the on-going management of their cloud environment.  Building infrastructure automation as part of the design is beneficial to you during steady state operations and for scaling seamlessly. We help you with integrating your tooling with ours or build new tools based on our experience to build robust automation tasks with full documentation for you and our service desk operations.

Final Testing and Hand-Off:  Over the course of a cloud migration project, you will certainly get to you know the Carbon60 team. Since the migration waves will be iterative, the final testing and hand-off aims to solidify understanding of roles and responsibilities during the run state and to document procedures that we share with both teams. This will be an iterative process as well since cloud environments will naturally change over time and Carbon60’s service desk operations and cloud engineering experts will be there along the way as you continue to grow.