dentalcorp selects carbon60 for global application migration and hosting platform

Case Study: dentalcorp Selects Carbon60 for Global Application Migration & Hosting Platform

International service, high-level consulting and scalable, managed IT services with Carbon60 Networks

dentalcorp has become a world-class business partner to more than 160 dental practices across Canada serving 1.6 million patient visits per year by offering a new level of sophistication and collaboration, and delivering strategic resources to support dentists’ personal and professional growth ambitions. Currently, dentalcorp is the largest dental practice amalgamator in Canada. Their goal is to revolutionize the business of dentistry in North America by providing operational autonomy, comprehensive strategic expertise and tactical resources to support their growth, enabling their partners to focus more energy on delivering optimal patient care.

After competing with nine other companies during the RFP process, Carbon60 was selected to manage the migration of their global application. Due to the high risk involved with a migration of this nature, dentalcorp chose Carbon60 because of their track record in delivering secure, business-critical applications. One of the main differentiators was Carbon60’s white-glove, partnership approach to the project, providing high-level consulting to assist dentalcorp in delivering a scalable, long-term solution.

• Introduce a scalable, agile ongoing service model
• Offer high-level consulting on application migration
• Deploy robust, fail-safe disaster recovery platform
• Completed migration in only six months

Application migration and hosting can be complicated with the variety of options available. At Carbon60, we invest time to analyze the business needs to structure the appropriate cloud hosting solution. Moving to a scalable, agile ongoing service may be a big step for many companies, however it is a step in the right direction.

Read more about the challenges, solutions and results that dentalcorp experienced in taking this step in the case study.

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