Cloud Backup

Backup and Archiving

Carbon60’s cloud backup service is engineered to protect the integrity of the most complex and business-critical workloads.   Our experts will implement backup and retention policies specific to your business requirements, monitor them daily, and be available 24x7x365 to quickly recover from any data loss.

Enterprise-Class Backup Infrastructure:

  • Features HP Enterprise DataProtector and StoreOnce technology
  • Secure, dedicated backup networks
  • Local and remote backup storage
  • Greater than 95% average success rate for all backup jobs each month

Backup and Restore Features:

  • Fully customizable local and remote backup polices
  • Specialized backup agents for most OSs, databases, and applications
  • Block and file level backups supported
  • Database item-level and point-in-time recovery capabilities
  • Daily monitoring of backup job success rates
  • Fully managed data recovery
  • Detailed backup reports

Time to Recovery

The time required to restore data from a backup is dependent on many variables.  The most important variable is the amount of data to be recovered.  A single file recovery may take minutes but recovering a large database or media folder may take hours, or longer if the backup is being pulled from a remote location.  To ensure the fastest recovery times possible, all backups are written to disk and high performance MPLS connections are used for all file transfers between data centres for offsite retention.