Cloud Network

Multi-Origin Cloud Hosting

Carbon60 provides a suite of globally distributed hosting services to ensure it delivers the highest possible levels of availability, performance and security for business-critical workloads. These global services include: geographically diverse hosting origins in Canada; industry-leading Akamai edge caching, routing, and security services; and global monitoring services. The integration of these global services into Carbon60’s comprehensive hosting services stack is key to its end-to-end hosting solutions.

Multi-Origin Cloud Hosting in Canada

Carbon60 has a multi-origin cloud hosting infrastructure which allows websites and applications to be hosted across geographically diverse regions in Canada. Leveraging SAN and application-based data replication technology in combination with advanced edge routing services allows Carbon60 to support advanced active/active and active/passive requirements.

  • Geographically diverse hosting origins in Canada (Toronto and Kelowna)
  • Traffic routed intelligently between origins using Edge Routing Services
  • Near real-time SAN and application-based data replication between origins
  • Data replication via redundant private (MPLS and VPN) network links
  • Active/active and active/passive options provide robust disaster recovery solutions
  • Website hosted at multiple locations in Canada simultaneously

Global Cloud Hosting

For organizations that require high-performance global delivery, Carbon60 can deploy your application globally with our network of facility providers and through leading public cloud providers. In addition, by leveraging Akamai’s global network, our global customers can ensure their applications are fast and secure around the world to deliver a seamless user experience.

  • Akamai Edge Routing, Caching, Storage and Security
  • Advanced Security Services
  • Replication between origin networks around the world
  • Public cloud integration for distributed computing in-country data processing
  • Multiple options for distributed staging and disaster recovery worldwide

Cloud DNS Services

For maximum domain security and reliability, customers can leverage Carbon60’s Global Domain Name Services (DNS). Carbon60 can fully provision domains and host them on a highly available distributed infrastructure.