Technology Partners

Carbon60’s strong partner ecosystem is critical to our success. Our partners are specialists and we integrate their industry-leading technology and services into our managed cloud hosting platform to deliver the highest quality of service possible to our customers.

Strategic Partners

HPE – Carbon60 leverages Hewlett Packard Enterprise for its secure and scalable cloud infrastructure across Canada for compute clusters, 3PAR storage and data protection services.

Dell – Carbon60 private cloud offering which provides dedicated servers for customers is powered by Dell’s leading technology. We deploy Dell servers in our various data centres to suit our clients performance and compliance needs with private clouds.

NetApp – A leading storage technology manufacturer, NetApp is an integral part of Carbon60’s managed cloud offerings in multiple data centres. With petabytes of storage under management, our customers benefit from a reliable and scalable utility storage platform for their applications.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – As the global leader in public cloud IaaS, AWS is an innovative partner for Carbon60 as we design, migrate, manage and optimize customer solutions on AWS exclusively and in combination with the Carbon60 managed cloud options for ultimate flexibility and scale.

Microsoft Azure – Carbon60 is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider building and managing customer workloads on the Azure platform globally and integrating with Carbon60 managed clouds for hybrid solutions.

Ecosystem Partners

Akamai – The world’s leading content delivery network provider accelerates and secures the delivery of web sites through an edge network of almost 100,000 servers in 51 countries.  Carbon60 integrates Akamai’s services into many of its enterprise-class web hosting solutions for large media companies and government agencies.

Alert Logic – Carbon60 leverages Alert Logic for Intrusion Detection in our managed cloud and hosting origins integrated with our overall security approach to be aware of current security threats that could impact our customers and to act quickly to mitigate them.

Chef – Carbon60 uses Chef as part of our DevOps DNA to automate and innovate delivery of infrastructure and application which benefit customers with fast and repeatable deployments for their applications.

Cisco – The latest generation of Cisco data center firewalls and intrusion detection systems provides Carbon60’s customers with multi-Gbps protection against real-time network attacks.

Drupal – Carbon60’s Drupal experts manage the infrastructure and application for customers that value the benefits of Drupal for content management for high visibility sites.

Jira Software – Carbon60 uses Jira Software by Atlassian in our DevOps team for real-time collaboration to document and track request to completion.  We use Jira for internal projects and also for customer engagements to improve productivity and transparency.

Microsoft – As a Microsoft hosting service provider partner, Carbon60 delivers powerful business solutions using Windows Server, Hyper-V, SQLServer and System Center technologies.  Carbon60 also supports Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange and SharePoint.

Oracle – Carbon60 manages customer workloads that are built on Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle databases with infrastructure and database administration services for enterprises that rely on Oracle.

VMware – Carbon60 incorporates VMware’s leading virtualization software in our managed private cloud solutions.

WordPress – Carbon60 manages high traffic sites for private and public sector clients built on a WordPress platform that is customized for scale, stability and reliability.  Our DevOps team collaborates with development teams with our clients to ensure smooth delivery of their sites.