Managed SIEM

Today, system management requires advanced correlation of systems and events, creating a single holistic view that can enable proactive response rather than traditional reactive response.  Security information and event management (SIEM) tools entered the market to address this need for a broader and deeper view of an organization’s systems.  SIEM’s are now widely used by many organizations to ensure that the systems, applications, and data an organization relies upon are always available, performing well, and are secure.

Without a holistic view, organizations are left managing multiple individual systems – responding reactively to performance, availability, or security issues. IT personnel are notified of problems by end users attempting to use the system or after systems are already compromised. Downtime and disruption of critical systems occur. Attempted and successful intrusions go unnoticed. Put simply, a comprehensive SIEM solution is an absolute requirement to detect and proactively address system and security issues.

Carbon60’s Managed SIEM offering was built with your organization in mind.  Providing all the benefits needed from a security information and event management system, Carbon60 ensures your workloads are fully protected, compliant, and secure regardless of platform or location.

Carbon60’s solution provides the security capabilities needed to effectively monitor your cloud workloads, including:

  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Behavioral Monitoring
  • Log management
  • Continuous Threat Intelligence

With Carbon60s Managed SIEM service we assume the responsibility for the setup and maintenance of the SIEM platform.   There are 5 key benefits of using Carbon60’s service to protect your business:

Cost Savings:  Purchasing and configuring a SIEM can be an expensive and if not properly managed these costs can spiral out of control.  With Carbon60’s Managed SIEM we assume responsibility of deploying and maintaining the system and provide the security specialists.

Comprehensive Reporting:  With multiple tools used to security different aspects of your services and infrastructure it can be a challenge to obtain comprehensive reports detailing the security state of your entire portfolio.  Carbon60’s Managed SIEM service collects and stores logs from all the disparate tools and systems to provide centralized and holistic security reporting.

Network Monitoring: Your networks need to be monitored around the clock so that threats are recognized promptly, and appropriate measures are initiated.  With Carbon60’s Managed SIEM we ensure your network is monitored always and guarantee response times to network threats to mitigate risk.

Compliance Assessment:  There are a variety of regulations that differ by industry, such as HIPAA and PCI, that dictate how data should be handled and stored.  Carbon60’s Managed SIEM service can generate reports detailing the effectiveness of your business with the relevant regulations to show areas that need to be improved and ensure you meet your compliance requirements.

Neutralizing & Preventing Cyber Attacks:  Carbon60’s Managed SIEM, upon recognition of a threat, will log the threat and communicate with the other security controls in your network to ensure that the threat is contained and neutralized in a timely manner.

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