Global Content Delivery

End user experience on the Internet is critical to the success of your organization.  With the proliferation of always on connectivity and mobility, users demand quick access to your content or application before losing patience in search of an alternative or completely disengaging from your initiative.  Multi-Origin Hosting and Content Delivery services improve the experience for your audience by distributing content closer to the users keeping them highly engaged and loyal to your brand.

Carbon60 can integrate edge content delivery services with our managed hybrid cloud and application services to improve and optimize the journey that you envision for your audience as they interact with you.  We leverage Akamai as our partner for edge caching, routing and storage platforms based on their global reach and proven success.  Akamai currently serves over 20% of the world’s daily web traffic through 1000+ ISPs and 129,000+ servers in 90 countries.

Key Benefits

  • Increase revenues with a better user experience
  • Amplify end user engagement on your site
  • Mitigate users switching to your competition
  • Broaden reach to other geographies
  • Improve site performance and reliability