Multi-Origin Cloud Hosting

Carbon60 provides a suite of globally distributed hosting services to ensure it delivers the highest possible levels of availability, performance, security for business-critical websites. These global services include: geographically diverse hosting origins in Canada; industry-leading Akamai edge caching, routing, and security services; and global monitoring services. The integration of these global services into Carbon60’s comprehensive hosting services stack is key to its end-to-end hosting solutions. However, some of Carbon60’s global services are standalone services and can be purchased independently to improve the delivery of websites and applications hosted at non-Carbon60 managed hosting origins.

Multi-Origin Cloud Hosting in Canada

Carbon60 has a “multi-origin” cloud hosting infrastructure which allows websites and applications to be hosted across geographically diverse regions in Canada. Leveraging SAN and application-based data replication technology in combination with advanced edge routing services allows Carbon60 to support advanced active/active and active/passive hosting solutions.

Key Benefits:

  • Geographically diverse hosting origins in Canada (Ontario and British Columbia)
  • Traffic routed intelligently between origins using Edge Routing Services
  • Near real-time SAN and application-based data replication between origins
  • Data replication via redundant private (MPLS and VPN) network links
  • Active/active and active/passive options provide robust disaster recovery solutions
  • Websites served from multiple locations in Canada simultaneously