Managed AWS Cloud

For most businesses cloud is not as easy as clicking a few buttons, entering a credit card and seeing applications just work. Many organizations see the immense value that the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud has to offer in terms of agility, scale and innovation. But, getting from the current state to an optimally managed AWS cloud takes the right plan and people to bring cloud to life in a secure and repeatable way.

This is where Carbon60 helps. Simply put, we’ve managed complex workloads for customers on various clouds before the term cloud became mainstream. Our DevOps and performance-oriented DNA drives us to understand the intersection between cloud hosting infrastructure, security, applications and the end-user experience to optimally support your business and IT goals. Our AWS cloud experts take you on the journey from assessment to design and migration to in-depth technical support of your managed AWS cloud hosting solution. We apply our rigor to supporting complex solutions in a consistent method you can rely on, so you can focus on innovation and running your business applications.

Key Benefits

End-to-End Unified Experience: Carbon60’s familiar 24x7x365 white-glove service approach extends to our Managed AWS Cloud Hosting solution to any workloads we manage for you on AWS. Our experts know how to design, monitor, manage and secure workloads on AWS and become an extension of your team for deployments, change management and incident response.

AWS Cloud Assessment & Migration: Cloud is a journey and we can guide you on a path that works best for you. We assess your current deployment, applications and workload profiles to develop a suitable target state plan on AWS.  Our diligent team of experts can also create and execute on a migration plan to move you to the AWS platform then manage the entire solution for you.

Cost Optimization: Moving to AWS is the first step, but unleashing the power of AWS is the ultimate goal. We dig into your specific workloads and business objectives to optimize your managed AWS hosting solution for performance and cost.

Hybrid Cloud Integration: While AWS can work for most enterprise use cases, there are still some industry verticals where certain data may not be suitable or permitted on a public cloud. We can integrate AWS workloads with Carbon60’s managed private cloud hosting service to deliver a hybrid solution that works for you and meets the compliance and regulatory requirements of your own clients.

Focus your Resources: AWS is a robust set of services and solutions that requires new skills. Carbon60 invests in our team to advance their knowledge and skills to support our diverse group customers. Take advantage of the breadth of experience we have across industry verticals and various sizes of deployments which we can apply to your unique use case. This lets you focus your team on building your applications while we manage the underlying foundation for you to thrive.

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