Managed Azure Cloud

Carbon60 is your Managed Cloud Company.  As a Microsoft Partner, we apply our end-to-end approach to manage various workloads on the global Microsoft Azure public cloud platform. Our cloud experts can design and manage robust infrastructure solutions that leverage the benefits of Azure. We can deploy a managed Azure solution as a stand-alone environment or integrate it with other deployments for a complete hybrid IT hosting solution to achieve your desired business outcomes.

Key Benefits

End-to-End Unified Experience: Carbon60’s familiar 24×7 white-glove service is extended to any workloads we deploy on Azure. Our experts know how to design, monitor, manage and optimize infrastructure solutions on Azure with our secure approach.

Global Scale: Azure cloud nodes are located across the globe which we use to present your applications closer to your end users to improve the user experience, address data sovereignty requirements for your customers and extend your global presence.

Limitless Capacity: When your business demands a quick turn-around to activate a new temporary site for a marketing event, develop and test a new application or add more capacity, Carbon60 can integrate these requirements efficiently on Azure using our standard processes that you trust.

Focus your Resources: Managing IT can be a cumbersome cost centre if it’s not a core focus for your business. Carbon60’s experience in managing complex IT requirements helps you to offload tasks from your scarce resources instead of building the skill set to effectively learn another self-serve cloud portal and build a governance model to control a public cloud that can easily sprawl. Carbon60 takes these headaches away and becomes an extension of your team to build and manage the optimal solution for you that balances agility, performance and cost.

Gold Cloud Platform Competency

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