Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365

Backup for Microsoft 365: Why You Should Consider Veeam

With remote work on the rise, many organizations are turning to solutions such as Veeam Cloud Connect as backup for Microsoft 365.

The COVID-19 global pandemic accelerated the need to support remote workers and ensure they have the technology necessary to work from home as seamlessly as possible. With more employees working from home, experts expect the massive remote work wave to continue even once the pandemic is over

We’ve entered a new era of work life that’s been forever transformed, and technology will continue to make this possible.

Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) is one of the most popular tools for enterprise employees working from home with over 285 million users worldwide. This cloud-based application is playing an increasingly major role in supporting remote workers, as it enables them to collaborate online, use email and access documents to work from anywhere there’s an internet connection. 

With so many remote workers relying on it, backup for Microsoft 365 is essential for productivity, data security, and compliance. But what many organizations new to Microsoft 365 may not realize is that user data isn’t sufficiently protected. 

Here’s why backup solutions like Veeam Cloud Connect are so important.

Why Backup for Microsoft 365 is Essential

Whether you’re a government body, a healthcare organization, a FinTech company, or a business that processes customer payments, you’ve got regulations to adhere to that protect your data and ensure that you’re handling sensitive information properly and securely.

Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool that offers employees the opportunity to work and collaborate remotely while enabling IT teams to leverage the cloud-based platform to save time and deliver support more efficiently. 

Although Microsoft manages the infrastructure and maintains uptime for users, the system doesn’t sufficiently backup data. While Microsoft protects availability by providing geo-redundancy—a level of resiliency against glitches that cause network outages, natural disasters, power outages, operating system errors and catastrophic events—user data is not backed up.

It’s true that Microsoft does backup their apps, but only to guarantee uptime, privacy controls, and protect their own data — not the data of users. If you’re a Microsoft customer, your organization is responsible for backups to protect data from human error. If a user mistakenly or maliciously deletes an important email or a critical file, this data is likely to be lost. Plus, if a hacker, cybercriminal or virus compromises data, it’s not backed up.

Backing up user files also allows for organizations to deactivate inactive users. Without backup for Microsoft 365, If a user leaves the company, the organization has to keep that user account active in order to save the files on their account. Over time, with turnover, this expense can become exorbitant.

Overall, not having backup for Microsoft 365 leaves your organization vulnerable and can be costly. 

Meet Veeam: Secure Backup for Microsoft 365

If you’re a Microsoft 365 customer, it’s important to be proactive and find a backup solution right away. 

Minimal solutions aren’t the answer. If an option includes only daily backups, this means users may lose an entire day’s worth of work, tanking productivity and potentially putting your core business at risk. With an “off the shelf” data restore feature, you may need to overwrite the most current version of a file, without a rollback option. 

Considering the importance of data in the modern workplace, especially in an environment that supports remote workers, it’s critical to have access to a team of experts who can help restore and recover from data loss quickly. You need to have a backup solution that comes with repositories always available to store your backups, scalable to your organization’s specific needs. 

Choosing a Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution is one way to eliminate the need to build and maintain your own off-site backup. BaaS enables IT teams to feel confident that users have a recent copy of files backed up in the event that the Microsoft 365 fails or is under a security attack. 

Veeam Cloud Connect is a BaaS engineered to protect the integrity of your Microsoft 365 data. This solution is designed to keep data safe from almost any failure scenario and is backed up at secure and compliant top-tier data centres. 

As a Veeam Silver CSP Partner, Carbon60 customers can maintain three backup copies of their data, with two on different storage media and one located offsite in our secure cloud infrastructure.

Veeam also reduces Microsoft 365’s true cost of ownership. Plus, it enables you to protect your data without investing in hardware by taking advantage of the cloud’s scalability to pay for only what you need.

Veeam Cloud Connect Partner

More than ever before, remote workers are using Microsoft’s cloud-based tools to share, store, and access data for work and collaboration within SharePoint, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive for Business. However, too often, the data isn’t being properly protected, leaving organizations and their employees vulnerable.  

Using a solution such as Veeam Cloud Connect as backup for Microsoft 365 allows your on site or remote workers to seamlessly restore data at any time. A Managed Service Provider experienced in delivering BaaS solutions, such as Veeam, could be the answer to sufficiently protecting your data and meeting your organization’s needs.

Choosing Carbon60 as a partner means having our team on board to help whenever you need it. 

To find out if Veeam Cloud Connect as backup for Microsoft 365 is the right solution for your organization, contact us to learn more.

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