End-to-End Service Model

Solutions with 100% Accountability

Unlike other hosting providers, Carbon60 embraces all five layers of the hosting solution stack to deliver end-to-end hosting solutions for business-critical workloads that demand the highest levels of accountability, reliability, performance and security.

end-to-end hosting

Five Layers of the Hosting Solution Stack

Global Services Layer

By implementing geographically distributed hosting infrastructures with industry-leading global services, Carbon60 continually delivers exceptional service levels, but unlike other hosting providers, we offers an SLA which accounts for the actual availability and performance of your website(s) from your end-user’s point of view.

  • Multiple Hosting “Origins” in Canada
  • Akamai Edge Caching and Routing Services
  • Akamai Edge Storage Services
  • Akamai Edge Application and Denial of Service Protection
  • Global Availability and Performance Monitoring

Lifecycle Management Layer

Carbon60’s end-to-end hosting solutions emphasize the importance of effective IT service management over the entire lifecycle of business-critical applications.  To help achieve this, Carbon60 solutions integrate robust, cost-effective development, quality assurance, staging, production and disaster recovery services.

Development, QA and Staging Support Services

  • Release Management
  • Automated Deployment
  • Code Management and Version Control
  • Application Security Testing
  • Application Performance Testing

Production Support Services

  • Automated Runbook Management
  • Application Performance Management
  • Application Availability Management
  • Dynamic Capacity Management
  • Anti-Virus Services
  • Patch Management Services
  • Change Auditing Services

Disaster Recovery Services

  • Active Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Standby Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Remote Backup Services

Software Management Layer

Carbon60‘s expert system administrators are armed with a comprehensive suite of IT service management tools to proactively manage Windows and Linux-based technology stacks to industry-best standards.  Carbon60‘s intensive software support services extends to your custom .NET, LAMP, and Java applications to prevent and resolve service impacting code-issues. Moreover, Carbon60 has developed highly optimized and secure solutions for WordPress and Drupal to make them enterprise-ready.

Content Management Platform Management

  • WordPress-as-a-Service
  • Drupal-as-a-Services
  • SharePoint-as-a-Service

Software Stack Management

  • Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP, Perl, or Python Stack Support
  • Microsoft SQLServer Services
  • Managed MongoDB Services
  • Managed Oracle Database Services

Cloud Computing Layer

Carbon60‘s state-of-the-art cloud computing infrastructure is engineered to support the most demanding Linux and Windows workloads. Its high performance network fabric, cloud optimized compute nodes, and multi-tier SAN storage architecture is fully redundant and includes multiple tiers of security.

  • Dynamic Windows and Linux Cloud Servers
  • Enterprise SAN Storage Services
  • System Load Balancing and Caching Services
  • Central Authentication and Permissions Management Services
  • Local and Remote System Backup and Archiving Services
  • Local and Remote Data Replication Services
  • System and Service Templating Services
  • System Availability and Performance Management
  • Centralized Log Management

Data Centre & Network Layer

All of Carbon60’s hosting solutions include fully managed data centre and networking services. For core data centre services such as power, cooling, physical security and Internet connectivity, Carbon60 partners with industry-leaders in different geographical regions in Canada.  These facilities are SSAE 16 Type II audited and engineered to remain operational despite multiple system failures and provide connectivity via Tier 1 carriers to ensure high availability.