Managed Cloud Experts

At the heart of Carbon60 is our flexible approach to cloud.  We leverage the optimal mix of cloud models tailored to your requirements and combine it with the white-glove support from our managed cloud experts to be highly accountable to the success of your infrastructure and applications.  This allows your company to stop burning valuable energy re-inventing the routine tasks of the IT wheel, reduce capital and operating costs, improve DevOps agility to reduce time to market and innovate faster to surpass your goals.

Four pillars of the Carbon60 Approach

  • Highly skilled, experienced and customer-focused staff
  • Robust information security policies and procedures
  • Industry-best IT service management tools and processes
  • End-to-end cloud hosting solutions delivered from a global network

Our Cloud of Clouds

Carbon60 takes a holistic approach to building and managing hybrid clouds. This includes managed private clouds dedicated to a customer, our own Canadian East and West cloud computing regions as well as the leading hyperscale public clouds like AWS and Azure for global reach. This federated approach allows you to exploit the agility, reach and cost efficiency of hybrid cloud computing, but fully managed by Carbon60.  Based on your specific business requirements and workloads, we collaborate with you to architect the best possible single, multi or hybrid cloud solution in the right combination to balance agility, flexibility and cost.

Our Cloud Hosting Solutions

To achieve mission-critical levels of service delivery, our team will design, implement and maintain an end-to-end cloud hosting solution for your company.  Each end-to-end solution integrates the entire hosting services stack so we can be accountable to you from the data centre to the end-user’s experience.