Carbon60’s managed cloud solutions are built with security at the forefront. Our holistic approach to security considers both our internal controls and procedures and our managed security services for our customers to mitigate risks and threats for their organization or business. This ensures a secure and stable platform to protect the interests of our clients’ employees, customers and other stakeholders.

A comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS) is the foundation of our security posture.  The Carbon60 security team implements and enforces our ISMS to help safeguard confidentiality, integrity and availability at various levels.  With clients in the private and public sector and verticals such as financial services and healthcare, security and privacy are critical elements to their success. We have made the investment in our own business to undergo the SOC2 Type II audit to set a high bar for our controls and procedures which our customers benefit from. We also provide services and advisory services for clients that need to meet various compliance requirements such as SOC2/SOC3, PCI DSS, and HIPAA as well as company specific security policies.

Carbon60 delivers a robust set of managed security services to complement your managed private cloud, managed AWS or managed Azure cloud solution which we architect in collaboration with you in the design process. When it comes to public cloud deployment, the concept of the Shared Responsibility Model for security is an important factor for companies to truly consider. The security of the cloud is the responsibility of the public cloud providers. However, the security in the cloud is not. That’s where Carbon60 shines to leverage the inherent security framework of public clouds and complementing that with security best practices across any cloud model that we deploy for you. Our security services can wrap around  Carbon60’s hosted cloud platforms, public clouds or even your internal cloud for a holistic approach to protect your critical infrastructure and endpoints. Some of our fully managed security services include the following:

In addition to a robust set of default and optional managed security services integrated with our managed hosting solutions, we provide several security Professional Services on a project and recurring basis.

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