Penetration Testing

Identify Vulnerabilities and Mitigate Exposure to Malicious Threats

Carbon60 Penetration Testing Services simulates an attack on your IT environment, identifying potential vulnerabilities and giving your organization visibility into how a breach might occur and how to protect against it. 

A series of non-destructive tests are conducted against your internal network, associated and relevant environments/tools and external websites.  Our security team will create a comprehensive report is generated which outlines our findings and recommended steps for remediation.  Our penetration testing approach does not rely solely on automated testing (which can miss many vulnerabilities) but instead utilizes both manual and automated testing processes to identify issues holistically.


Identify your attack surface: Identify your potential vulnerabilities throughout your IT environment, including your internal network, web/mobile applications, tools, API’s and more. 

Minimize potential exposures: Gain visibility into potential security gaps to reduce your blind spots and ensure your business is protected.

Achieve compliance requirements: There are a variety of regulations that differ by industry, such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS, Carbon60 ensures that our testing achieves all your compliance requirements.

Prioritize remediation: Not all threats pose the same risk. Our security experts will provide insights and help you identify the critical issues that need immediate remediation.

Customized testing: Testing based on your unique requirements and with a regular cadence to stay ahead of threats that constantly evolve.

Leverage security expertise: With over 20+ years of experience, our security experts adhere to the most stringent controls to help you identify and mitigate risks.

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