Vulnerability Management

Staying ahead of current exploits is a crucial part of an effective vulnerability management program. The volume of threats continues to rise while cloud infrastructure deployments increase in complexity.  Identification and prioritization of threats become a challenge to ensure that your blind spots are reduced and your business is protected.

Carbon60 uses a comprehensive approach to improve your threat intelligence and fend off attacks. We leveraging industry leader Qualys and other tools and processes developed over years of experience to understand potential threats before they can impact your systems. If you’re struggling to keep up, Vulnerability Management Services by Carbon60 can help you reduce your exposure and get back on track with a repeatable approach for your security program.


Automated Vulnerability Scanning: Monthly automated scans on target IP addresses ensures that the scan happens on a regular cadence without manual intervention.

Mimic Attacker Behavior: Applying similar tactics that an attacker will employ to breach your systems levels the playing field to prepare you in advance.

Hybrid Cloud Coverage: As a cloud-based engine, Qualys scans are available on Carbon60’s clouds (virtual private and private), public clouds or customer premise environments.

Reporting & Insight: The baseline security scanning service includes automated reports on a monthly basis. Advanced options include weekly report assessment, recommendations by security analysts and regular vulnerability notices.

Web Application Scanning (WAS): To complement the baseline IP based scans, WAS goes a step further with custom scripting and scanning of web applications in search of SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting, credential stuffing, and other threats. Carbon60 re-scans applications after major version changes to prevent regressions.


Continuous Identification: Automated scans take the guess work out of staying on top of an immense volume of threats that can impact your business. Leveraging the Qualys platform with continuous updates of active threats, you can focus on executing on the recommendations provided through the report and by Carbon60 to protect your assets.

Prioritization: Not all threats pose the same risk. Regular vulnerability reports and insight help you identify the critical issues that need immediate remediation. Other threats will remain, but you can address them once high-risk threats are mitigated.

Patch Validation: WAS acts as a secondary check to ensure your team (or Carbon60’s) is executing on the patches for your systems.

Compliance: Comprehensive and executive level reports combined with Carbon60 processes and audits aim to help you address your compliance management program that relates to your own policies.

Info Sec Team Experts: Our Service Desk combined with security analysts provide guidance to ensure that you are armed with the right knowledge to take action to resolve security issues head on.

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