Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting

As part of our hybrid cloud hosting platform, Carbon60’s leverages the world’s most advanced cloud computing platforms — HPE Helion, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS.  But not all cloud servers are equal.  The suitability of cloud server to your business-critical workloads is dependent on many factors.  Some of these factors are controlled through basic configuration options (e.g. CPU, RAM, Disk-type) but others are fixed by the underlying IT architecture, use policies, geographic location, and legal jurisdictions governing the different cloud platforms.  It is important to match all these characteristics with your technical and business requirements when crafting a cloud hosting solution.

HPE Helion Cloud Servers

Our HPE Helion cloud servers are hosted on our own cloud computing regions in Eastern and Western Canada.  Helion cloud servers can be either a “semi-private” (i.e. hosted on cloud infrastructure shared among our select customer-base) or “private” (i.e. hosted on cloud storage and compute infrastructure dedicated to your company).   Our cloud computing infrastructure is powered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) flagship Helion “ConvergedSystem” technology for enterprise-class public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Our Helion infrastructure features high performance blade servers, a fully meshed Ethernet/FC network fabric, and solid-state SAN storage which delivers up to 10x the overall performance typical cloud servers.  For additional redundancy, C60 cloud servers are hosted on N+1 compute clusters.  This allows your cloud server to auto-recover from a failed compute node or be live migrated for maintenance at any time.

Our Helion cloud servers run Windows or Linux and scale to 16 CPU cores, 126 GB of RAM, and 50+ TB of solid-state SAN storage.  They are ideal for business-critical workloads that require maximum security, reliability, performance, and flexibility with data residency in Canada and guardianship by a Canadian owned and operated company.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Servers

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.  It is a “public” cloud (i.e. anybody can subscribe to its services).  It is also the backbone of Microsoft’s own Office365 software-as-a-service offering.  Azure has hosting origins in many regions around the world and offers a wide variety of pre-configured cloud servers.

As a Microsoft Azure partner, we integrate Azure cloud services into our C60 “cloud-of-clouds” platform to deliver fully managed cloud hosting solutions.  It is ideal for supporting pre-production environments leveraging MSDN and Microsoft Developer licenses and well as giving global reach to production Windows/.NET workloads.

Amazon AWS Cloud Servers

AWS is Amazon’s hyper-scale, multi-tenant cloud computing platform.  It is the largest public cloud with the greatest global footprint.  Like Azure, it offers a wide variety of pre-configured cloud servers that we integrate into our C60 “cloud of cloud’s” platform.   AWS is ideal for hosting Linux/PHP/Java workloads that need the broadest global reach or need to be hosted in specific geographic regions or legal jurisdictions.